Are You Overpaying Taxes on Fuel?

August 17, 2016 Sokolis Group

Periodically throughout the year, Sokolis Group gathers all of the changes made to taxes charged for fuel. It’s a tedious task to sift through the information scattered across the internet for each state. Even though there are web sites that consolidate fuel tax rates in one place, identifying potential exemptions takes more research than just glancing at summarized data. That usually means a visit to a state’s site and digging into their tax regulations.

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Fuel Flash - August 2016

August 03, 2016 Sokolis Group

 Crude oil prices experienced a steep decline in July. The downward trend was certainly significant, particularly when viewed in the context of the daily price changes over the past three months shown in the following graph:


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When Will Electric Trucks Transform the Industry?

July 21, 2016 Sokolis Group

The standards for fuel economy and efficiency continue to rise in our world. Automakers are continually asked to increase MPG and reduce carbon dioxide emissions when building their vehicles. We have seen the transition in passenger cars. Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Ford Fusion have become plentiful. Electric cars such as the Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf continue to pop up on the road. So when will we see this transition in the trucking industry?

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Fuel Flash - July 2016

July 06, 2016 Sokolis Group

June was a particularly volatile month for crude oil prices. However, the closing price for the month settled slightly below where the month started.   The following graph displays the daily volatility:

fuel, fuel prices, analysis, diesel fuel prices, fuel cost, fuel pricing, diesel prices

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